Thursday, March 29, 2007

Looks like I'm staying with Paytrust after all...

Well, I got a response back from Paytrust. And I finally got a decent answer. An answer that justifies why they made the change. It's amazing that after 3 years of begging for a decent answer, I finally get one. Despite me telling them that they were insulting my intelligence and practically demanding a straight answer for 3 years they continued to insist on the "it's your anniversary date" excuse.

Here is what they said:

Dear Mr. Morgan,

I can appreciate your views. In the first instance where customers
inadvertently made payments to Paytrust rather than to their indented
payee, typically customers would ask for a refund rather than let us
keep their funds. In the instance where customers did not pay their
fee, this was not as large of an issue, but occasionally customers would
avoid paying their fee by changing the date of their bill which kept
accumulating causing issues with our member billing system. Both
instances required unnecessary resources to correct.

Every billpay service, or, any subscription based service for that
matter that charges monthly service fees, has this exact set up. MSN
Bill Pay, Yahoo Bill Pay, MyEZbills, Statusfactory, Checkfree, Quicken
Bill Pay, to name a few. However, Paytrust had the distinct honor to be
named #1 bill pay service by for 2007.

I hope I have answered your questions. Any additional discussion on
this subject I will ask that you contact me directly by phone so that I
fully cover all your questions rather than creating an email chain.

Once again, we thank you for your business and hope to serve your long
term bill pay needs here at Paytrust.


Greg Theoharis
Customer Relations Manager

The list he provided is not exactly what I was asking for. I wanted a list from 5 different industries. But, between finally getting a decent reason and thinking of other companies myself, AND just not liking the idea of having to keep up with this stuff myself, I think I'm going to stick with them. Yes, there are other concerns that people have brought up. The convenience is just to great to give up at the moment. If Greg had come back with, yet another, lame excuse, I would have continued my dropping of them. However, I did say that if he came up with a list of 5 companies that I would stay. So, I'm staying.

The other companies I thought of are Tivo and Sunrocket. I have never tried to get my billing date changed with either of them, but they do charge my credit card on a set day every month. And, they are different industries.

I told Greg that in the future they should make sure the customers are well informed of any changes like this. And to NOT give stupid excuses for the changes. All I ask for is the truth. Hopefully they will listen.