Monday, March 19, 2007

Website to watch - iletyou

An interesting website is about to come out of beta called iLetYou. It's like Peerflix, but you get your DVD's back. It's more like Netflix or Blockbuster Online. Basically, you can open up your own video and game rental store. You get to set the prices. And you get to decide how long people can rent your DVD's and games. People will be able to search for a title and select the best deal from any of the stores that have an available copy. iLetYou even has the ability to allow you to charge a subscribtion fee, much like Netflix and Blockbuster, and your customers will be able to keep the DVD's for as long as they want.

You, of course, don't have to rent your DVD's if you don't want. You can still get an account to rent from the stores listed on the site. They are currently in closed beta, but invitations can be obtained by entering your email address.

It has the makings of being competitive to Netflix or Blockbuster. The only concerns I have will be the reliability of the individual stores, how disputes will be handled, and the policies for when a person doesn't return an item or they return it damaged. I'm sure those concerns will be answered by the time they come out of beta. But until then, check it out. It could be an interesting alternative to Netflix and Blockbuster.