Monday, April 2, 2007

EMI is DRM free now!

Well, it looks like someone finally got a clue. It has been announced that EMI will make higher quality DRM free songs available on iTunes starting next month. The down side is that songs will now cost $1.29 each. But, you will get them at a higher quality level now, 256kbps. And songs that you have already purchased can be upgraded to the higher quality for $0.30 each.

I am just so glad to hear about this. Hopefully this will be a success for EMI, and if so, I hope other record labels follow suit. If they would stop spending millions of dollars on suing people for downloading copyrighted music, they will actually begin to make a few million.

In related news, Lucky and Flo have sniffed out more illegal DVD's. A few weeks ago, they sniffed out 3 million dollars worth of counterfeit DVDs and caused a reward to be put on their head from the "bosses" of the counterfeit ring. How much was spent on training these dogs? About $17,000! THAT is what the RIAA and MPAA need to be doing. They will see greater returns on their investment by doing things like this than to go around suing dead people and 12 year old kids. It would help their reputation, and people MIGHT actually start listening to them when they talk about how much stealing copyrighted material hurts the artists.