Friday, April 6, 2007

I'm finally on Joost!

Well, I finally got the long awaited email yesterday letting me know that I was officially invited into the beta for Joost. I will have a more complete review in a few days, but initially, it looks good. The biggest problem I see with it now is that it insists on being full screen. It will run in a regualr window, but some of the functions only work in full screen mode. Why? I have no idea. The functions block viewing of the content, and would make more sense for it to be viewed/used outside the video area.

There are, also, issues of pixelation on fast moving content. Hopefully that will improve over time, but most of the video I have seen looks great. I think if I were watching it from a TV, it would probably not be noticeable. At least, not on a regular TV. And HDTV may be a different story.

And, there isn't a lot of content available at the moment. That, I assume, will change before it comes out of beta.

I don't yet have any invites. As soon as I get some, I'll offer them to anyone who wants one.