Friday, April 13, 2007


A comment was posted on my last entry about Clipperz about a competitor for Clipperz. And, I have to say, Clipperz has some tough competition. PassPack seems to take password management up a notch, or two. I don't know who made it onto the scene first, but there are a lot of things I like about PassPack. For the most part, it's the same as Clipperz. When you add username and passwords to PassPack, it encrypts the data locally and stores the encrypted data on the servers. Like Clipperz, PassPack has no way of resetting your password for the PassPack system.

But some things that make PassPack stand out are the double passwords required for logging in. One password is for getting into the account. And the second password is for unpacking the data. It's kind of nice to have the double layer of security.

Another nice thing about PassPack is the password manager. After you have entered a username and password, you can view the record with the information and the password is scrambled. Unlike Clipperz, you can highlight the field and do a standard copy and paste to copy the password. Someone watching over your shoulder will not see the password. In Clipperz, the best I can tell is that you have to unhide the password in order to be reminded of what it is. With PassPacks way of doing it, it is never revealed.

Like Clipperz, PassPack also has disposable logins. If you are going to be using your account from a public computer, or a friends computer, you can create a disposable login that will work exactly ONE time. That way, if they have a key logger running on the computer, they will not be able to have access to your data.

PassPack is working on a direct login feature for their product, and they promise that it will be a lot easier to use than Clipperz.

One other thing that I really like about PassPack is that they offer a password generator. With a password manager like this, longer tougher passwords are possible. Especially since the password can be copied and pasted easily. And, when they get their version of the direct login, you won't even have to copy and paste it. So, having a generator that will give you more secure passwords is a huge plus.

I'll keep playing with both services and will post an entry in the future what my experiences are. If anything, if I have my passwords in both services, I'm doubly protected if one goes under. Which also makes me wonder how they are going to make money. Clipperz has an entry on their blog about it. Should be interesting.