Thursday, April 19, 2007

Presents for my birthday

Today is my birthday. And surprisingly, I have a couple of gifts. You may think that Ubuntu is being released for the millions of fans that have been looking forward to it, but in reality, it's my gift. I won't be selfish and not let you have a copy. I don't mind sharing.

Seriously though, I have been playing with Ubuntu for a while and I like it, but just never thought I could make an actual switch to it. I certainly like the idea of getting away from the Microsoft tax. It's well supported. Easy to use. And very well designed. So, what's keeping me from making the switch? Basically, lack of software support. There are certain programs I need for work that are not available for Linux. A lot of what I do can be in Ubuntu. But not everything.

Now that the latest version has been released, and released on my birthday, I think I'm going to finally take the plunge. What I'll do for the apps that I need for work is run VMware and have a Windows virtual machine to run the needed programs. I'm not sure when I'll finally do it. I have too many projects going on at work at the moment, but as soon as I do, I'll blog about it here.

But Ubuntu isn't the only gift I got today. Thunderbird, an email client from the folks at Firefox, have released version 2.0. I'm a gmail user, so I really don't see a need for switching. But, it's my birthday present, so I HAVE to try it.

So many presents, so little time...