Thursday, May 24, 2007

Passpack and Clipperz

As promised, I've been playing with Passpack and Clipperz for a few weeks now. And, I have to say, I like aspects of both of them. But Passpack is in the lead, by the narrowest of margins. Since my last report of both services, both have introduced more features or improvements.

Clipperz, for instance, now has a "Clipperz Compact" version of their service. It works in Firefox, and allows you to log into your account from the sidebar. When you want to log into a particular website, you just click on the icon for that website and Clipperz Compact does the rest. Passpack has not yet introduced an autologin feature (supposedly it will be introduced next month).

Clipperz has also improved the interface with new card templates and password strength indicators. The card templates allow you to select what kind of website it is, and it will then fill in appropriate fields for that type of site. And when typing in a password, an indicator just below the field will indicate how good of a password it is.

All of those improvements are a move in the right direction, but it still isn't as easy to use as Passpack. Clipperz is lacking a password generator and a one time password generator. I think a one time password generator is a great idea (and it is "coming soon" for Clipperz). If I happen to use a computer at the Library, or at an Internet Cafe, I can use my one time password without fear that a key logger recorded my account information.

Passpack is best for websites. It's geared for it. It would, however, be nice for it to include the ability to secure other things like Clipperz can do. Like, for instance, a lot of websites are using other questions for forgotten passwords, or extra security. Clipperz allows you to add other fields to the card to track what you put for those extra security questions. This is why I like aspects of both sites.

In the near future I'll do a side by side comparison of the two. Hopefully Passpack will have their auto-login feature released by then.