Tuesday, July 3, 2007

GrandCentral invitations available

Update 2: I'm still receiving requests for invites. I still do not have anymore. Please have a look at this post for more information about how to get an invite.

I've been wanting to talk about GrandCentral for sometime now. But just haven't had a chance to do it. But now that they have been purchased by Google, I figure I better say something.

GrandCentral is a really cool way to manage your phones. The idea is, you get one number that you give out to everyone. Then, depending on who is calling, you can choose to have your cell phone, home phone, work phone, or whatever, ring. All at the same time. Or, you can have it ring just your cell phone. Or just go straight to voice mail. It even has the option of letting you listen in on the recording of the voice mail so that you can choose to break in and accept the call, or not. And there are many, many more features.

With all of that, you may be asking yourself how much this service costs. Well, it's available for the introductory price of ZERO dollars. That's right, GrandCentral is free. Everything is free. And, even after they are out of beta, most of the features will continue to be free, with some features having a minimal monthly charge.

And what is interesting is that Google has acquired them now. So, who knows what they have planned for it. But I can only be excited about it!

While Google is taking over, they have moved to an invite system for new accounts. If you'd like an invite, email me at [email protected] or post a comment with your email address and I'll get one out to you. I have 5 available right now, and I'm not sure if I'll have anymore after that. We'll see after I send a couple.

Update: I'm currently out of invites. When I get more, I'll post another message.