Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Invites for private betas

A few weeks ago, I talked about GrandCentral. I mentioned that I had some invites for the service, as they had gone to that method for new accounts because of the Google acquisition. I ran out of invites for the service, and even after posting that I had ran out, I still have requests for invites.

The cool thing is, there is a new site that will take care of you. It's called InviteShare. Sign up for an account there, select what website you want an account with, and eventually someone will send you an invite. Once you have your account, you would then return the favor and send invites to other people waiting on the list. If people give back, there should be virtually an unlimited number of invites available.

Another cool thing is that you can find out about other sites that are in the "invite only" status. I'll be checking out other sites to see what they are about. And if I like them, or have something to say about them, you'll be seeing it here.