Monday, July 2, 2007

Pownce first impressions

Well, so far, I like Pownce. It's a lot like Twitter in that you can post messages about whatever you are doing at the time. But you can do more. You can post links, you can post files, you can send private messages, either individually or to your group of friends. There has been talk out there about how much they hate Pownce. I'm really surprised about this. They even call Pownce nothing more than an FTP program.

But I like it. I like that it has a program that can be installed locally to watch things for you and allow you to post messages. I like that it's more broad than Twitter. Twitter just wants you to answer the question "what are you doing right now." But what if I don't want to post that, but instead want to post a cool link you just found? People ignore the Twitter question, but it's still kind of limiting. Especially with a 140 character limit to the messages. Pownce doesn't seem to have that low of a limit on their posts.

There is also the commenting system. Comments, or replies, can be posted on any of the messages. Twitter can't do that.

There is also the friend system. You can be a friend or a fan of someone. For instance, I have Leo Leporte as a fan. When I added him to my list, it said that he would receive a message asking if we were friends, and if so, he would add me to his list. At that point, we're friends. But if he (and I'm sure he'll choose this) tells the system that we're not friends, I'll just be a lowly fan. I will be notified of his public posts, but he will not be notified of my posts.

I think Pownce beats Twitter. But not sure if it beats Jaiku. More on that in the next post.