Friday, September 21, 2007

BlogRushing more readers

I mentioned a few days ago that I was going to try a new service called BlogRush. The service is having a rought start, as people are trying to cheat the system (surprise, surprise). They are working to fix that problem. But the idea is promising. Basically, the widget on the right side of my blog provides a list of other blogs that are related to my blog. When you are reading my blog, you might see something of interest at another blog. And that blog may be a blog you have never heard of before. So, you are able to discover new content. Likewise, people will discover my blog because my posts will be linked in someone else's blog. Cool huh?! All of this is free, by the way.

So far I have had 107 impressions on other blogs with no click throughs (bummer). Each time the widget is displayed on my blog I am allowed an impression on someone else's blog. And right now, oddly enough, I have a minus 67 credit balance. Since the widget has been displayed 40 times from my blog, and my blog has been listed 107 times, that leaves me 67 impressions in the hole. This happened because they, for the beta test, gave bonus credits to everyone in the network.

Once the network grows, and is secured from cheaters, it should provide a fair way of getting other blogs noticed. Especially the more popular ones. And hopefully it will help get my blog out there more. But only time will tell.