Monday, November 5, 2007

What?! No Gphone!?

The rumors of a Google branded cell phone have been all of the Internet for some time now. And today, we finally found out what all the rumors were about. I, personally, think this is the better way to go. Instead of a limited number of people switching carriers to own your phone, you can hit a larger audience by creating an OS that can span across many different phones from many different carriers. Brilliant!

What Google has done is develop an open platform that will run on Linux based phones. Of course, they will use Google mobile applications too. Google has also started an alliance called the Open Handset Alliance to develop the platform. The platform will also be called Android.

I really think this is going to be great. I have a Verizon phone right now, and I hate the interface they have put on my Razr. There has been buzz about Apple not allowing third party applications on the iPhone. With the platform by the Open Handset Alliance, all of that will be moot. The interface, I assume, will be better than anything we've seen so far. It will be open, hence the name. And because it will be open, we should see LOTS of applications for the devices.

There is already at least one possible prototype being revealed that will use Android. I'm sure as the days and months go by, we'll start seeing more and more. Apple's iPhone will have a run for it's money.

The ONLY bummer I see out of this is that Verizon is not listed as a partner in the Open Handset Alliance. Maybe it's time to start looking for another carrier???