Monday, January 14, 2008

Trouble with 2.3 Zune Firmware

There is an article over at that talks about the new feature in the 2.3 firmware that I talked about previously. But they added one piece of information I wasn't aware of. If you share a podcast with someone (via the built-in Wifi), they will be able to subscribe to the podcast via the option given when you press the center button. That is pretty cool.

But, I'm having trouble with the 2.3 firmware. The battery life is better. That is the biggest change that was to take place. But, it forgets my position in a podcast if I pause in the middle of playback. What's frustrating is that it's not consistent. More often than not, it does it when I plug it up to sync (but not every time). There have been times when I've left it sitting over night (unplugged but fully charged) and the next day it has reset itself. I think it has something to do with the battery life, but if I leave it sitting an extended period of time, it will reset itself. When I go to turn it on, it gives the Zune boot screen. And even when it does that, it's not consistent as to whether or not it remembers the resume position of the podcast I was listening too. It never did this with the previous version of the firmware. Hopefully there will be a fix for it soon. For now, what is consistent is for me to listen to a podcast in it's entirety before syncing, and don't let it sit unplugged for too long. If I do that, I can listen to a podcast with full resume ability if I take a break from it. But that isn't very convenient.